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29 days ago

Still using TestComplete 15.58

We have been seeing lots of issues with web element detection and name mapping with v15.59-v15.61. Some we have been able to workaround, but not all. So we are still on v15.58 which seems pretty stable. The problem is our production environment has moved on to newer versions of Edge. Are there any settings/configurations anyone might recommend to get things a bit more stable? We have tests that work in 58 that will break when we upgrade to 61.

TestComplete and TestExecute are the same version
We are using supported browsers. Edge v115 works with v15.58, but Edge v118 does not.
When we launch our browsers, we are launching them as tested apps first.
For v15.61 we had to launch the tested app, wait 5 seconds for the extension, and then browse to the URL. This was new.
Even though the extension is loaded, we sometimes see an error that it is not. Object Spy and Object Browser are able to see the objects/elements ok. At least before playback.

Do all these symptoms seem particularly strange and point to something environmental I need to look into? Is anyone else seeing issues with web tests/object detection in v15.59+ ?

Thanks for any ideas!


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    Hi ! 
    With TC15.61 I have some issues with custom web objects detection.

    My webapp use angular and has some custom object. For example this object "AppSignRoot".
    TC15.57 recognize it properly.

    But with TC15.61, despite the option is active

    it doesn't recognize custom objects properly :


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      Do you have MSAA configured, in your project settings? I wonder if Shadow DOM is not being exposed correctly by the browser to TC!

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        MSAA is configured, but I don't think it's related. In TC15.57, if I deactivate the checkbox "Enable supports for Web Components" I have the same behavior than TC15.61. 

        But in TC15.61, this checkbox does nothing. (whether I activate it or not).