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2 years ago

Starting Android devices on the Server Machine

Our setup is as this: 

1) TestComplete running on Laptop A (this is where we write the test cases). 

2) Appium and Android Studio running on Laptop B (this runs the server and connected devices). 

3) I am not sure if this is relevant but Laptop C runs TestExecute for our licenses.  


What we have noticed is that we can connect to any device listed through the command 'xcrun xctrace list devices' from Laptop A (The command can be ran on laptop B).  This handles all of our iOS needs.  In order to connect to Android devices, we need to run them by stating a model and specific version.  Then we can start them through Android Studio (on Laptop B).  It is note worthy that these emulators are given the name similar to 'emulator-1234' whereas their iOS counterparts would have names similar to 'iPhone 13' then we can also supply a version such as '16.1'.  This is problematic because to run several devices we need to have the specified device started through Android Studio.  If the device doesn't exist everything crashes.  This isn't an issue using iOS since all the devices are accessible at all times as mentioned above.


Our idea is run TeamViewer on Laptop A in order to remove into Laptop B and try to run a batch script to spin up the Android devices.  This very much sounds like a horrible way to go about a solution.  We are very much unsure of where to start with researching about this issue.  Please shoot any possible ideas!  Thank you guys in advance for any advice.  

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