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8 years ago

Started getting error "Variable uses an Automation type not supported in JScript"

I just started getting the following error when running my scripts.


Variable uses an Automation type not supported in JScript
This is my code that fails on the line "var resultvalue = aqString.Find(FullString,SearchValue,0,false);"
function CompareInString(FullString,SearchValue){
//This function will look for a string in another string.
//If match will log a Pass messsage.
//If don't match will log a Error message

Log.Event("function CompareInString")

var resultvalue = aqString.Find(FullString,SearchValue,0,false);
if (resultvalue == '-1'){
Log.Error("The value, " + SearchValue + ", was not found in the string, " + FullString)
Log.Checkpoint("The value, " + SearchValue + ", was found in the string, " + FullString)
This has been working until today.
Running on browser IE 11
TestComplete Ver
  • This was my mistake - I was passing a null value to the FullString variable.