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14 years ago

SpecFlow with TestComplete

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has tried integrating Behaviour Driven Development tools like SpecFlow ( into TestComplete?

It seems to me like a nice fit to have our project teams use SpecFlow feature files to specify what the Application Under Test needs to do. Then the developers implement the "steps" for each feature in C# code, using TestComplete's  OLE engine to exercise & verify the Application Under Test.

Probably a long shot, but I just wondered if anyone had already tried this, before I roll up my sleeves & give it a go.



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    I know this was posted a while ago. But did you find a good solution? i'm thinking of the same approach now...
  • Hi,

    No, I didn't ever pursue this idea seriously. I also considered using the White framework to control the application (again with BDD), and that worked from a proof-of-concept point of view, but I moved on to another project before getting too far into this project.
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    Hi ,

    I was also exploring the integration of TestComplete with the SpecFlow.

    If anyone has any updates,links or document regarding the same. Please do share.


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    It's possible to integrate TestComplete with SpecFlow by using TestComplete COM object, with TestFunc method. We made some simple test working. 

    However, we ended up not going this way as it's not efficient to manuallly link and look up those script functions from TestComplete and copy/paste into SpecFlow.  It will slow down your work to deal with hundres of testing scenarios. 

    I'm hesitate to use  the integration unless we can find a way to make TestComplete script functions visible to Visual Studio intellisense.