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4 years ago

Skip test if previous test scenario failed.

Hi All.  I have created a test suite, and am wondering if it is possible to skip a test if the previous test failed. Above is the suite, and the test(s) in question are the Add/Remove VMF. ...
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    4 years ago



    Make Remove WMF test item a child of the Add WMF one and set the On Error property of the latter to Stop Current Item.


    However, my personal preference is tests architecture when test can identify the similar entity from the previous test run and act on it if the most recent entity is not available for some reason.

    I prefer this because with the traditional approach essential information becomes to be not available during the test run. Using your case as a sample: VMF's addition fails for some reason and you will not be able to say anything about whether or not the VMF item still can be deleted. So you get more limited information about the state of the tested program.