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3 years ago

Shared Name Mapping file uses absolute path?

I have a project which shares a Name Mapping file with another project; this is apparently done as a link to the original Name Mapping in the first project. When I check this into Source Control and ...
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    3 years ago

    You can open project file (.mds) in text editor (like notepad.exe) and correct path to relative manually. So, the resulted XML line should be like (change only the "path"):

    		<child name="NameMapping" key="{7293B297-7667-46CB-831A-75CA46977756}" type="Name Mapping" typeId="{5DCBAC3B-D39C-497C-9BE8-744CBADD37AA}" pluginName="NameMapping" path="..\TestProject1\NameMapping\NameMapping.tcNM" />