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4 years ago

Selenium C# Test Scripts integration with Zephyr Scale through Jenkins

I have created a build job in Jenkins and trying to use Zephyr scale to upload test results in JIRA.

Framework we are using is Nunit which converted to Junit.XML file and placed in my local system.


Unable to understand how can i send this xml details to Zephyr scale. I am using post build step with Zephyr Scale : Publish test results

Also I have setup Zephyr API key in Manage Jenkins - Configure systems and Test Configuration was success.

but getting a error message when build is completed as below.

 File not found: zephyrscale_result.json.  
[Zephyr Scale] [ERROR] Tests results have not been sent to Zephyr Scale 

Please help me how to achieve this  using my requirement.

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  • hey this is the testcomplete community for testcomplete questions but,


    as far as Im aware, for automated test results via Jenkins using the zephyr scale plugin only accepts JSON result files generated using either official cucumber (open source) supported languages (such as JVM, javascript, ruby, typescript) OR results generated by Maven projects built using Junit4 (using the zephyr scale json results formatter plugin to be specified in the POM.xml file) 


    so as the error message states pretty clearly : 

     File not found: zephyrscale_result.json.  
    [Zephyr Scale] [ERROR] Tests results have not been sent to Zephyr Scale 

    it cannot find the *.JSON results file (probably because it does not exist)  

    so you cant use selenium c# test scripts results files to be integrated with zephyr scale through jenkins plugin, you will need to refer to the zephyr scale API docs.

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      Thanks for the reply hkim5 . Could you please give me little more information on how to use zephyr scale API docs for my C# test scripts integration to Zephyr scale as i am new to all this and looking for a right direction to make it work.


      Your help is really appreciated on this.




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        hiswethac59 ,


        I am not well versed in C# scripting or the frameworks that use the language for testing frameworks.

        But essentially, you would need to implement the integration logic yourself based on the exit codes you are receiving from the testing framework you are using. That is, jenkins will call on the build step to trigger your test runs, but the actual api calls that are made to integrate with zephyr scale will actually be embedded in your test code (and not be triggered by a jenkins post build step)


        1. group your test cases together into a test run -> make a post request to create a test cycle  in zephyr scale 

        2. based on the exit codes you are receiving (i.e 0 for pass, 1 for error, etc.) you would make another post request of some sort to update test run results into the test cycle created above (most likely will need to grab a response value from the first call to identify test run id/key) - this logic will probably use some sort of a hook, or a callback method, so that you can determine when your individual tests have finished through the test run to make the appropriate api requests.