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3 years ago

Select Object in Visualizer

Hello. I wanna use If Object Operation's  'Select Object in Visualizer. ' option. 

The Problem is .. When I click  Select Object in Visualizer button then comes out Error.

How can I use that option? 

(I'm using Keyword Test) 


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  • Hello Egg - 


    In order for this option to work you will have to have the visualizer set to capture objects

    You can find this setting here (Current Project Properties > Visualizer😞

    At least one of those boxes must be checked - in your case since you have already recorded the tests i would suggest selecting the second option. You will have to turn on this setting then play the test and then you will have the option to select an object from the visualizer.


    Let me know if you have any questions.




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      Thank you so much, I tried that and succeed. 

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      Hello, I ask again about same problem..

      When I answer that I succeed , really I used that functions from your answer. 

      but today I tried this functions but that doesn't operate. 

      I checked that options. but i can't use 'insert on-screen action ' functions. 

      How can i fix it?