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3 years ago

Secure Sign-in to be disabled (Ctrl+Alt+del)



We are using Azure DevOps for our QA regression testing and we have integrated TestComplete with Azure DevOps.


We need to have a Interactive session and communication between Azure Devops and the VM where testexecute is installed but because Secure Sign-in is not disabled, TestComplete is not able to create a session on the VM. It only works when we are logged into the VM. Our company policy is having issues allowing this security feature to be disabled.


Can somebody please advise what can be a workaround for this and if not then what other security compliance can be put in place alternatively which will not affect the communication?


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  • Hi, 

    What type of application are you testing? Could we use a Microsoft hosted agent? Deploy the application or browser to the hosted VM, download TestComplete or TestExecute (recommended) onto that VM during run time and execute the test.