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29 days ago

Searching for mapped object took too much time msg

Hello.  I am new to Test Complete and am running into an issue with my keyword tests all of a sudden.  I am not aware of any changes to my configuration prior to the issue starting.  Prior to this my tests were successful without any warnings or errors. 

I am running 3 applications on the VM where Test Complete is running the telephony tests.  I am running 2 Avaya softphones and our Spok CTI Client application.   From one of the Avaya oneX Communicator softphone, I call into the phone that is controlled by CTI Client.  The line is answered by in the CTI Client, then single step transferred.  Once the transfer is complete (lines are idle) the softphone that placed the call is selected and the hangup (buttonEnd) is selected. This is what happens in the keyword test steps. 

 What is happening now is the softphone is not being selected, and  ButtonEnd (hangup) is either selected after a long period of time or it is not selected at all.  In the test results I see the following in the test log:

I checked the name mapping and it seems to look ok. 

This is failing for all keyword tests that we have created and requires for the call to be disconnected from the softphone. 

If anyone has any ideas as to how to resolve this issue that would be wonderful. :)

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