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12 years ago

Scripts fail randomly in different spot.

Hi,   I am just wondering why sometime my scripts fail in the middle of the test sometime it pass through the whole scripts with exactly the same scripts 6 hours run. The funny thing is, it fa...
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    12 years ago
    As far as I understand your problem is the script is going in a faster pace then the application itself (for example you click "next" and try to click on a button that appears on the next screen, while the button did not load yet).

    You are probably best off with one of the two solutions:

    • You can also set the project itself to act more slowly : 

    1. Right click your project in the "Project workspace"

    2. Edit --> Properties --> Playback

    3. Edit the appropriate parameters to have longer timeout / delay.

    4. For example to wait 5 seconds between each action you perform change "Delay between events,ms" to 5000.

    • You could enter a "wait for button / control" method with a while loop for each time you try to click a control (preferably with a defined timeout).