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3 years ago

Script is working fine on my System but on CBT, some of the test cases are failing inconsistently

I have created lot of test cases with Java script in TestComplete. My script is running properly on local machine. But when i try to run it on CBT, some of the test cases are failing sometimes on som...
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    3 years ago

    OK, I'm not very familiar with reasons of connection error, but let's firstly look on failures related to cases where object cannot be found .

    Can you share any additional info (full TC Log, Picture or text of error) about these situation.


    From my experience, it can depends on performance of the CBT+user web page. So, maybe test  needs waits some object a bit more (not exactly the missed object). If you want to debug these situation better - TC can record screenshots on every action (look at Visualizer options) and also record videos (add additional "record_video" capability)  

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    3 years ago

    The Errors are due to :


    Same thing happens in all Browsers like Chrome, Edge and Safari

    How can i handle that for CBT??? Because it never happens on Local Browsers.