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9 years ago

Save log with currrent project name

Hi ,

I need to save my test result (logs) with the project name .

Is there any way to get the current project name something like Project.Name to display

the project name in log through scripting .


I am executing multiple projects and need to save the test logs to some location .

I have written fucntion for saving the logs using  Log.SaveResultsAs() , but problem is

with the name to give to each project log .

I want to read the current project name and pass this name as a parameter to the Save log function .



  • Hi Helen Kosova,


    Thanks for the solution , I got exactly what I want .


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      Tried with this option but it gives full path with project names .

      I want exactly project name not full path .

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        Of course it returns the full name of the file (with path), but you can extract what you need using regular expression or by another way.