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2 years ago

Running tests through pipeline using TC test adapter and publishing to the 'Tests' tab in DevOps



We currently have a build we kick off which will be used to run our TestComplete tests overnight. The build initially compiles our code and creates the latest installer. Also unit tests are run. At the point the build is complete and will show the Tests tab with the results for the unit tests 



At this point it starts to deploy the installer and test assets to the Azure machines and runs the tests using the TC test adapter and vstest



The tests are published to the test runs section of DevOps



My question is, is it possible to publish the results to the Test tab on the DevOps summary page

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    Hi adamH1. If I understand it correctly, you want the list of tests with their corresponding results?


    You can view it at the bottom of the Test tab. Just make sure to clear the filter over here... 

    Let me know if that will work. 

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      Thanks for your reply


      Unfortunately it didn't work. It displays the unit tests as these are run as part of the build pipeline, but the UI tests that I want to report on are initiated after this build is complete, so even though the tests are being run against this build, there're not getting associated with the build by appearing under tests