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3 years ago

Running my test in Execution Plan more then once

I have a set up 20 test cases that are in multiple folders (for example I have one called Log_in at the high level then 4 sub test). I then have a total of 3 high level folder like this. all the test take about 15 min to run from end to end. My question is: have can I run these same test over and over again? The scenario would be that I want to run this set up test all night.

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  • Hi gshipp 


    You could periodically schedule this or invoke a loop. 


    I have to ask tho, given it takes 15mins to complete and provide you with the feedback you need;


    By running this all through the night, from a functional test perspective what are you looking to achieve? 





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      The reason for continually running them is to stress the system. 3-4 hours would probably be more accurate. This are all UI test (not scripts) mostly using OCR steps (this product is not smart enough and has no objects).


      1) How can i put this in a loop when I am running them from the Execution Plan.

      2) I like the idea of scheduling a time to run the test. How and where would I be able to do that?