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14 years ago

Running multiple Data-Driven Loops at the same time

I have a Data Driven Loop via keyword that fills in some web forms with data from a spreadsheet.  The problem is that there is a section of web forms that need data from another excel spreadsheet.

If I could setup both data-driven loops at the same time, I think I would fine.  But, only one can run at a time, which will not work.  I want both loops to iterate 1 pass at a time.

I tried to write a script for the second one, but since you can't wrap scripts around keywords, it is kinda tough.  Anyone have any suggestions?

I am thinking of reading how many records there are in the second spreadsheet and entering into an array.  That way I can call them a row at a time.. keeping track of how many times the first data-loop iterates through.  That way the data from both spreadsheets would be from the same rows.  I am not crazy about that solution though.

I am trying to keep the scripting to a minimum since I am the only tester who has experience in creating/modifying tests.