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5 years ago

Running existing Test Complete scripts/keyword tests in Cross Browser Testing through Test Complete

Hello All, We have a requirement to run existing Test Complete scripts/keyword tests in multiple browsers and mobile devices (android and IOS)  Currently have a license for Cross Browser Testing. W...
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    5 years ago

    Amytav In order to get the mobile browser options on CBT (android, ios etc) you would need to get a device clouds add on for TestComplete. Then you can create a new project where the scalable web tests are enabled. Afterwords, you can simply record your tests the way you would, and modify your workspace after the recording with a "run remote browser" operation. That operation will give you access to the full list of browsers, including the mobile ones. 

    However, it is to my knowledge, that the mobile browser options are not offered within the older cbt-tc integration panel within the project explorer.