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5 years ago

Running a command line utility from inside TestComplete

Haven't been able to find anything close to an answer for this, so maybe I wasn't asking the search in the correct way...


We have a requirement to validate checksums now.


Is there a way to run windows certutil from inside Powershell or preferably command prompt (cmd) and pull the results into a string?


Running certutil and then looking for a string containing "command completed successfully" would be ideal, but I'm open to ideas.

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      l'll keep that in my back pocket for later, but seems a bit complicated compared to what I am tryin to do.


      Thank you much!

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        Not sure it's as complicated as you think it is.  

        If you're using KWT, all you need to do is use the "Call Object Method" operation, select the WshShell object as the object, Exec as the method, and, in the parameter value, just type out your command line.


        In script, it's as described in the article.


        If you can give a bit more detail, perhaps we can help further with implementation.