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3 years ago

Run web app from localhost and headless stopped working - Browsers.RemoteItem



I used to be able to run my web app locally and now I cannot anymore. Even the sample from Smartbear is not working.   How do you fix this? thanks


function Test_Chrome_Headless()
var server = "localhost";
var capabilities = {
browserName: "chrome",
screenResolution: "1920x1080"

var url = "";
Browsers.RemoteItem(server, capabilities).Run(url);




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    3 years ago

    I resolved this. I downloaded a newer version of chromedriver that matches my browser. Looks good now. 

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  • Hi wynfranc100 ! 


    What type of error are you encountering when running this sample code? If you could post a screenshot that would help us to determine where the issue may lie here. 

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        and I can connect to localhost from the browser manually