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12 years ago

Run the same keyword test for various builds. Objects vary in version.


I am new one on this forum and I've just started to work with TC. I would like to ask to help me to resolve the following problem.


We use the "TeamCity" build server and I would like to run certain test after each build. So first I started to implement test which install our application on the same pc where the build server is installed (install is nsis).

I have created the test but I found out there is specific version of the application in every object

for example for the build PLIS objects look like Aliases.PLIS_2_1_7_5982.dlgSmartAIM2175982Setup.btnNext.ClickButton()

so the test will never pass for another build e.g. because all objects vary in the version.


Can you define objects with some variable inside?

How would you handle with this problem?


Thank you in advance


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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Martin,


    Look at the criteria you are using to map the Aliases.PLIS_2_1_7_5982 object in the Name Mapping editor and change the variable values with "*". For example, PLIS*. Read the "Modifying Mapping Criteria" article and the related ones for more information.

    Besides that, I suggest that you watch this screencast describing how to create a reliable test for objects whose names are changed from run to run.


  • Hi Tanya, thank you for your help, It has solved my problem.

    One more question - I was just wondering if there is any option how to set testedapp as parameter? I mean I would like to run the same test for many builds so It would be great to pass tested application to the test as parameter.

    All I found is the following article and it is possible option for me.

    I can set up system variable to the path where is stored my tested application before each run of test. Is there any better way how to say which application should be used for the test?