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6 years ago

Run TestComplete from Command Line and include routine variables?

Dear Community,


I was wondering if below are possible.


1) Pass script routine variables in the command line?

For example,

I have a script called Unit1 and there is a method called getDataFromDatabase(String databaseConnection)

Is it possible to call this method and pass the databaseConnection string? 


"C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 11\Bin\TestComplete.exe" [Project Path]\xxxxx.pjs /r /p:[project name] /u:Unit1 /rt:getDataFromDatabase (variables?)


2)In fact I want to execute several scripts within one go.

If I call TestComplete.exe, i need to start Test Complete application multiple times.

Is it possible that i just manually start TC application, and just call the scripts from the command line?