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2 years ago

Run a group multipe times



I have a group in test complete execution plan, I want to run it multiple times.Please help me to do this.




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  • Hi sijinthomas , if you adjust the Count parameter on the group, this should re-run the tests. Is this what you need?


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      I am treating this as a group. Not as a nested project item. If it is a nested project item.we can increase the count. If it is group ,can we do anything for run the testcases multiple times

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        The count parameter is also available for group items. Create a small group and update the value to test.

  • Apologies - misunderstanding on my part. Count is not available for Group items, I created a "group" by nesting tests under a Test Item, like below. You could take this approach : 



  • This will work when I am running directly from Test Complete. If I am run from azure devops pipeline,if I running this way, It is difficult to identify which test item is failed.