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13 years ago

Run a DOS Command and wait till it finishes


How to make testcomplete execute a DOS command and wail till the command finishes?



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    If your project is related to .Net one.

    A quick solution could be:

    Add to Project by Double click on it -> Properties -> CLR Bridge: System 2.0 from GAC. This will allow to use common dotNet assemblies

    use following code (JScript):

    var process = dotNET.System_Diagnostics.Process.Start_2(path);

    // OR var process = dotNET.System_Diagnostics.Process.Start_3(path, args);

    process.WaitForExit(); //infinite wait

    // OR process.WaitForExit_2(msecs);

    You can read more about Process object here:

    Note: JScript doesn't support method overloading, thus you'll need to check with IntellSense suffixes (like above _2, _3 etc) meanings.
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    The .Net solution workes fine in JScript but not under vbscript. In vbscript I can start an application but can not wait till it's finished.

    The Method WaitForExit is not available in vbscript.

    My problem now I have existing projects in vbscript and as far as I know I can't mix them. Is there a way that I don't have to convert my existing vbscripts?

  • Hi,

    The Method WaitForExit is not available in vbscript.

     We've received your submitted support case. The problem was in your code, not in functionality of scripting languages. Also, a situation where the list of methods supported by .NET assembly will be different depending on the language you access it from, is impossible.