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5 years ago

RPC Server Unavailable Error - only when running tests together

I have a bunch of tests set up in TestComplete to test a Windows application. When I run them all at once, I consistently get an RPC Server Unavailable Error. When I run the tests individually, there is no issue with the scripts. 


I have tried running them in a script, calling them from a keyword test, and just using the project set up to call them all in order. No dice. Running each test manually completely defeats the purpose of automation.


For each test the TestedApp is open then closed. The error always appears right after the open of the second test when I try activate a UI element.

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      TestComplete is running on the same machine as TestedApp, so how can it be a firewall thing or related to networking? This has to do with the TestedApp closing, and then re-opening, and loosing all the object mappings.

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        I am not sure about the details of your application, but it could be trying to communicate with something else, these errors can also happen due to something local as well. 


        You said that you were seeing the RPC error which is a Windows error not a Test Complete error which is why I pointed you in that direction.


        Losing the object mappings is something different entirely, we would need a lot more info for that, specifically screenshots of your mapping properties and screenshots of the object browser and properties for the object you can't find.