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9 years ago

RowCount & Column Count for a Table in a Web Page (For QlikView Application)



Could anyone provide help how to get rows count for a Table in a Webpage(What Method or property need to select) and also How to read those records using VBScript.


I need to compare Tabular data from web page with excel File


Please find below the link for an application that I am referring to get the Tabular data.





Akash Maheshwari

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  • Link doesn't work. (looks like a link to an internal dev environment to me?)


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        You can iterate the grid lines using corresponding script object attached to the DIV element with QvGrid class on the web page:


        function test()
          var grid = Sys.Browser().Page("*").Panel("PageContainer").Panel("MainContainer").Panel(62).Panel(1).Panel(0);
          for (var i = 0; i < 10 /* grid.Mgr.Body.Lines.length */; i++)
            for (var j = 0; j < grid.Mgr.Body.Lines[i].length; j++)

        This script posts cell values of the first 10 lines of the grid into the TestComplete log.