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7 years ago

Reuse/Reference a common library in TestComplete projects

Hi,   I have a set of few .js (javascript) files which have reusable routines. These are good enough to be used a set of libraries across different projects. Here are a couple things that I'm tryi...
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    7 years ago

    I do it all the time.


    The easiest way is to, in any project you want to use the reusable routine, right click on the Script node, select "Add -> Existing Item", navigate to the item and click OK.  The file is now associated with the project.  Now, whenever you make a change to that file, any project that uses the file will get the updates immediately.  As long as the path where the file resides is part of your git repo, it should be available to git.


    So... the question is... you say you've tried stuff and not been able to do it... what have you tried? What errors are you getting? What problems are you having?  What you've described is a fairly standard use case for TestComplete so I'm curious as to why it's not working for you.