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2 years ago

Return a string in a script

I wrote a small script in Python that generates a string of 8 digits. I am trying to set this up so that I run the script in a KeyWord test and the value gets typed in as an action.


For example:

1. I run the script below which generates a string which, as an example, would be "04172028" (Screenshot 1)

2. I would need to  take an action in my KeywordTest a simply would type the value of "04172028" in the application I'm testing (Screenshot 2)


Any ideas?


Screenshot 1 for Script Routine


Screenshot 2





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    Use Set Variable Value and calculate your date and store it in a variable. Then use that variable and the Keys action to type it in wherever you want. 

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    Last Operation Result might also work if used right after script call:



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    I don't know how it works for Python since my Project runs in VBS, but to get a value out either Write that to a Variable within the script, like this


    Or set var to: Last operation result

    To use last result be sure to set the Routine name = Result

    Like this