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19 days ago

Requesting info regarding C# language

Hi, as I see that in the official documentation of Test complete C# is mentioned as legacy language and encouraged to use the scripting language other than C#.

  1. So, I wanted to know is there any plan to discontinue the official support from Smart Bear towards using C# as scripting language in Test complete in anytime future?
  2. We are planning to create a desktop automation framework using C# language, can we go ahead with C# as scripting language?

Thank you!

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    PrathyushaCH wrote:

    C# is mentioned as legacy language

    Not C#, but C#Script.

    C#Script is basically JScript with C# notation. (Like C++Script).

    The goal of C#Script and C++Script was to be able to create Self-tested applications (see documentation for more details). Self-tested applications almost lost the reason to be created due to the level of access that TestComplete now has to tested application's internals.


    Long story short: It is not possible and it was never possible to use .Net C# language to create tests in TestComplete.


    P.S. It is (should be?) still possible to create attached test application using C#, but there is not too much reason in such application as well. (Attached application is a regular application that connects to TestComplete via COM and can use functionality provided by TestComplete (usually - logging) via created COM connection.)