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2 months ago

Replace All option for Object Property

Hello , 

I am currently recording test cases for a management system . Due to new UI changes , object property is now changed which is causing my existing TestComplete projects to fail . Please let me know who can i fix my existing projects so it can run on the new Management software . 

Following things i tried but each has its own challenges : 

1- Replace Object property with new one - this works but the project itself is too big , how many places i will make those changes manually ?  Also , is there a way i can perform Replace All option at Object level like the entire Test Document.

2- Convert  Keyword test to Script and use Replace All option - This works but i cannot sync this Script  with my Keyword Test . I have experience working with Keyword Test and not Script so its difficult for me . Also, another challenge is i cannot run script test from a desired statement - everytime it fails i have to fix and run the entire Test script 

Please help 



Ramal J