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3 years ago

Region Checkpoint - Allow Directional Shift while Requiring pixel matching

This might be a feature request, or maybe someone can point me to the feature I'm looking for.

While web testing with TestComplete, I run into situations where my region checkpoints come back with 1% - 6% pixel differences.

This problem occurs frequently with modal panel sliders and modal pop up boxes.
Now, when I look the Actual and Expected images, they are EXACTLY the same, except for a very slight horizontal and/or vertical shift.

I know there is a way to update the region checkpoint images. However, for modal panels and windows, I find myself having to update these region checkpoints over and over.

It seems to me that the pixel difference is reporting on the exact number of pixel differences--which could be extra or missing letters.

I'm looking for a feature that is able to detect SHIFT--vertical and/or horizontal.
Some way to say that the pixels must match up exactly, but a specified amount of directional shift is acceptable.

Is there such a feature?
This seems like something TestComplete could do with their AI capabilities.