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4 years ago

recording is not capturing the keyboard

the testcomplete recording is not capturing the keyboard, it is capturing only mouse clicks.

have any configuration to solve?



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    Maybe but you gave us very little information to go on.


    What's your TestComplete version?

    What kind of app are you testing?

    Is this a new problem?  Has the recording function ever worked for you?

    Is there a line in your test that has the keystrokes and they aren't playing back? We need a screenshot please.

    If you create a simple test on your own without the record, do the keystrokes work?

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      Version 10.10.1042.7, Desktop delphi app, error is new I was able to reproduce the recording I created a recording of the windows calculator but without success.



      in the recording I clicked on the first field I pressed ENTER key typed "RTERTET" ENTER key and typed "YTERTYRTYT" but just recorded the click



      function Test1()
      Sys.Process("sysmovs").VCLObject("FrmSps").Window("MDIClient").VCLObject("FrmEst109").VCLObject("PnlArea").VCLObject("EdtCodigo").Click(22, 15);

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        Okay, now can you create a keyword test manually that performs the same task and see if that one works?

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    I have a similar error ğŸ˜ž

     Since the last update my tests who used enters and tabs, doesnt work, i have to change several test for clics , and this bringht me a few problems more, some test who use to changed the text box automaticaly didnt work , or its too sloow after several test and thats make the other tests crashed because the objeto doesnt show in time... i use a few delays but its not the best practice...


    Version TestComplete:  x64

    Version TestExecute

    APP Tested: Delphi