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2 years ago

ReadyAPI oAuth2 Token handoff to testcomplete

We have automatee the OAuth2 token retrieval and we use Implicit grant method. 


We are wanting to execute this token retrieval api from testcomplete. we are able to create the link to this api via testcomplete.


The ask here is how can we retrieve this access token in testcomplete? This token needs to be put into a gui field on the mobile device app we created internally.


The key is to retrieve the token into a variable. If you have any suggestions please share them.

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    I am not sure I got the question...

    Do you need to pass token from ReadyAPI to TestComplete? You can assign a token to some environment variable in ReadyAPI and then get the value of this environment variable in TestComplete test.


    Or you need to port your ReadyAPI token retrieval sequence into TestComplete? Can you provide a relevant piece of ReadyAPI test in this case?


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      We created a test in readyapi to get our token. We are using testcomplete to execute the test case in readyapi. What we need to do is identify the flow needed to be done for us to capture the access token in readyapi and pass it as an output to testcomplete.