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2 years ago

Re: Running Tests via Command Line

Hi all,


Have some questions around Command Line testing. I do have it working in certain cases. I dont want to run all Execution Plans but only certain ones and then Save the Log file.


At the moment it is failing because it wants to run all Execution Plans. I want to save a log for say .pjs and not for .mds.


The one you have is "C:\My Projects\MyProj.mds" /r /sl:"C:\logs\new-log.txt", I would like it for "C:\My Projects\MyProj.pjs" /r /sl:"C:\logs\new-log.txt" if possible.





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      I have used the following:


      TestComplete.exe "C:\Work\My Projects\MySuite.pjs" /r /e

      TestComplete.exe "C:\Work\My Projects\MySuite.pjs" /r /p:MyProj /t:"@Tag1"


      This is the one I'm trying to use now: TestComplete.exe "C:\My Projects\MyProj.mds" /r /sl:"C:\logs\new-log.txt". I would like it to execute on the ones I selected in my Execution Plan but it prompts me to run other one too that is not selected.

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    Here are some examples,


    • Runs all enabled projects in project suite:

    TestComplete "C:\Project Flow\Project Flow.pjs" /run /exit /DoNotShowLog /ExportLog:"C:\Temp\Project Flow\index.html"


    • Runs specific project in project suit:

    TestComplete "C:\Project Flow\Project Flow.pjs" /run /exit /DoNotShowLog /ExportLog:"C:\Temp\Project Flow\index.html" /project:TestProject2


    • Run specific unit and routine:

    TestComplete "C:\Project Flow\Project Flow.pjs" /run /exit /DoNotShowLog /ExportLog:"C:\Temp\Project Flow\index.html" /project:TestProject2 /unit:Unit1 /routine:Test3