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14 years ago

Question about name mapping.


In my projects, i have Advantage folder, Key word tests folder, Name mapping, Tested apps.

In advantage folder i have Events, Stores, Scripts.

So when i copy the project to another network folder for back up, will it copy the name mapping also or do i have to copy seperately.

Please clarify this. this is very important  issue i am facing here.

Again i have namemapping ., keyword tests, advantage, tested apps as seperate elements under the project.

Thanks i advance.

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  • Hi Sri,

    To back up a project, you need to copy the entire project folder. To back up a project suite, copy the entire project suite folder. If you add some project items from other projects as existing items (Add | Existing Item...), you need to copy these project items along with the project you need to back up. Backing up your data in this way shouldn't make any problems.

  • Hi ,

     While using Name Mapping in test complete  -  How to use global variable when it is recorded as Aliases.