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4 years ago

Query on Testcomplete

Hi Members,


I have the below query related to My Application with testcomplete Tool:


Im working on a Desktop application where one of the screen is PB screen which hits chromium browser screen. with Testcomplete While Identifying one of the text in the screen with help of "Drag the traget to an object" option it shows me below object




and if im running the script, script is failing again if im trying to do Object property with "Drag the traget to an Object" option it is showing me with new VcEmbeddedFrame appenede with ID like below:




Here VcEmbeddedFrame is a parent Java frame which Powwerbuilder embeds.


So continuous change of this VcEmbeddedFrame id my scripts are failing. could any one please help me on how to resolve this issue.


Thanks in Advance.

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    You need to examine the VcEmbeddedFrame object in the Object Browser and figure out the unique and stable set of properties that identify this frame and do not change from run to run. Then you should to correct NameMapping for this element so that it uses identified properties and their respective values (maybe, wildcarded with * and ?).


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    Thank you all,

    My Script is working fine with Wildcards, My Issue got resolved.



    I have used WildCards for AWBObject as  AWTObject("VcEmbeddedFrame", "", ?*) and now VcEmbeddeFrame is not appending with any numbers for each run and it is working fine but i have small clarification. Can any one please explain clearly what is the meaning of ?(Question mark wildcard) and *(asterisk wildcard).



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      Hi thoshima,

      Happy to hear that the issue has been resolved.


      TestComplete supports two standard wildcards: the asterisk (*) and the question mark (?). The asterisk wildcard corresponds to a string of any length (including an empty string). The question mark corresponds to any single character.


      More info

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