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6 years ago

python runtime error: AttributeError

I am integrating a C# dll into TestComplete and until now everything worked with the code. With the latest changes in the dll the call in TestComplete does not work anymore (call within C# without a problem)


only thing I do is make a call:


obj = dotNET.<our class in the dll>("<folderpath>")


and I get the error: AttributeError: The object does not support this property or method 


in the old version of this dll it still works within TestComplete, with the new it doesn't somehow ... When running the same <our class in the dll>("<folderpath>") with the compiled .exe it works without any problems.


Is there a way someone can help me or would there be a need to see the actual code? (cant because of NDA, so would have to contact the support at smartbear if its not possible to help me with the infos i gave)