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7 years ago

property checkpoint failing due to:The "contentText" property of the "Stub object" object

I am working on one of the application which needs to send the document with Captions on the document to recipient email.

I have inserted two captions ( Click to Initials and click to Sign) and verifying the context text of them.

these are dynamic objects so updated the Name Mapping with wildcard *


when I execute I am getting error as "The "contentText" property of the "Stub object" object "


Please refer the screen shots for the each object property. please share your thoughts


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    Stub object will have only one property which Exists with default value false. The stub will come when your script not able to find an object.


    The error you are getting matches with above scenario. Put a breakpoint on the line where you doing property checkpoint and first see whether your script found the expected object to validate the property.