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2 years ago

Project Merge Fails Due To mds File Conflict

Here is the workflow:   1. Team member syncs the "main" branch to the "main" GitHub branch. 2. Team member creates a branch off of the local "main" to work on. 3. Team member switches to the newl...
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    2 years ago

    Hi enriquebravo!


    Depending on what is being changed, seeing the .MDS file altered is to be expected. 


    Information that is common for all testers (the number and names of project items, test item settings, the scripting language, etc.) is stored in the single project file that has the .mds extension.


    You may find information covering the specific types of files and their operation in the document below;


    In regards to using the bash terminal, this essentially comes down to user preference. Though merge conflicts may be easier handle this way or through a UI tool like GitKraken. 

    I hope this helps!