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23 days ago

Project error stopping execution

When running multiple tests in one run I quite often get project errors that occur which stops the execution of the tests until I have selected an option from the pop up. This is a problem as I often will run tests when not keeping an eye on them so are hopefully completed by the following day so if this stops it wastes time. 

I have tests to continue on failures so that the following tests aren't impacted but this error seems to keep popping up. If I run the test that has the issue by itself after theres no issue with it so does anyone know why this would keep happening on different tests and how to stop it?


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    What version of TC are you using? Does this error always occurs at the same point?

  • Currently using the latest version 15.63.22 but this has done it with previous versions too and no it doesn't always happen at the same point. Where it happens if I run it again just by itself as a test it will run through fine without any changes

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    Check to see if there's any solutions in Running Tests - Messages

    Since the error is not relating to anything specific, it will be difficult to diagnose and debug the issue.

    Are you performing any data-driven testing, reading values from a spreadsheet, is your coding throwing an exception?

  • Yes most of the tests pull data from a spreadsheet but these errors don't seem to occur at those points specifically. May not be related but what I do notice is it seems to happen when I leave the tests to run on a VM and not keeping an eye on it so the machine may lock the screen due to time set to sleep but I have set up all the settings advised to make sure tests can still run fine in these situations as they do continue without issue for a while then all of a sudden one of them will get this error