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4 years ago

Process Specific Performance counters don't seem to "Stick"

I have specified a localhost performance counter that is specific to my application process.  The counter works as expected right after I specify it. If I then reboot my system, restart TC and my app then try to run the script again the counters will not generate anything, all I get in the log is the message saying the "Panel is empty".


Eventually sometimes TC will "hook back in" after running the script a few times, never works on first launch though.  I have also found that if I add another counter even if it is just one of the generic Standard Counters it will also trigger the "hook" to occur.  Manually deleting the process specific counter and re-adding the same counter also always fixes the issue.


Any ideas on how to force the "hook" to occur via the script?   Is there a way to added counters during a test run?



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