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7 months ago

Process crashed before open the application

Hi all , 

I have an issue during regression run , the issue was test complete throw an error " Spotfire.exe process crashed"  in the logs .

this issue happened in starting of the test before open the application , after error thrown test complete will complete running  until finish test successfully ,  and when click on this error it will indicate to (Sys.WaitProcess("Spotfire.Dxp", 1000).Exists) , so what's the reason for this issue ? 


Thanks . 


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    It could be a number of reasons, the TC version you are using, the application you are testing etc. Without further debug information, it will be difficult to diagnose.


    Are you able to run you application in debug mode?


    See Introducing Report Generator

    1. Run the Report Generator tool located in <TestComplete>\Bin\ReportGenerator.exe.
    2. Select the "Launch/attach to TestComplete" option.
    3. Run another instance of the Report Generator tool.
    4. Select the "Track application launch" option, specify your application executable name and click Next. The Report Generator tool will wait until the application is launched and then will track all events in it.
    5. Reproduce the problem.
    6. Click the "Generate..." button in all instances of the Report Generator tool and save reports to a local folder.
    7. Send the reports to SmartBear Support Team.