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5 years ago

Problems mapping item in submenu in Delphi application

Hi Team,


I'm having trouble mapping the 3rd level menu of a Delphi program.



Mapping x Result

1 - Sys.Process("Contas").VCLObject("Form_Menu")

Mapping Result: Ok


2 - Sys.Process("Contas").UIAObject("Menu").MenuItem(2)

Mapping Result: Ok


3 - Sys.Process("Contas").Window("#32768", "", 1).MenuItem("Atualização TNUMM")

Mapping Result:

The object with the specified attributes does not exist.

Possible causes of the error

Tested object:


* All menu objects were mapped with the TestComplete Object Spy. TestComplete Version 14.10.999.7 x64

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    5 years ago

    tristaanogre this way the object is mapped using the "Click ()" method (click at point). I was able to solve the problem in another way. Thanks for the help.

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    Try recording a test using that 3rd level item and see what TestComplete thinks the object is from that.

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      Usually, you shouldn't need to map all the SubMenus.  You can send a "ClickItem" command to the menu bar with each menu underneath separted by a pipe

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        This "ClickItem" method does not exist in the Menu or Submenu map. The method in the submenu item I need to select is just "Click ()". However, Testcomplete does not find runtime mapping. Only finds when getting value with Object Spy.