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14 years ago

Problem with converting TestComplete7 project to TestComplete8

I had a large function project working in TestComplete7, it consisted of many "sub projects". When I installed TestComplete8 it told it would have to convert the whole project in order to view, which I let it do. However, whenever I open the project in TestComplete8 I get a series of error messages that vary between two different forms:

Unable to create the 'Project' element, because the 'C:\Users\Michael\Downloads\TestComplete7Projects\TestComplete 7 Projects\CustomPensionScripts\Georgia - ERS (after 06_30_82)_1\Georgia – TRS.mds' file needed to create it does not exist.

Cannot open the C:\Users\Michael\Downloads\TestComplete7Projects\TestComplete 7 Projects\CustomPensionScripts\New York Regional State Park Police Tier 1 and 2\Script\Visualizer\New_York_Regional_State_Park_Police_Tier_1_and_2_sj\ file

Both of these errors have me stumped as to how to remedy them. This is mainly due to the fact that for the first type of error the file always exists. (You'll have to take my word, but I'm a computer programmer and have had enough issues with file names to be very thorough when checking that every character is exactly the same.) For the second type of error, the file never existed prior to TestComplete updating, and the folder that is currently supposed to contain it is completely empty. (I have a backup of the old version so I can be sure of this.) I believe this is because the visualizer (note the location and extension of the file) is an update with TestComplete8. However, I have no idea how to tell it not to look for these files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask questions if I left something vague.

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  • I found the solution for the first type of error. In my look over of the file name I assumed that the - wouldn't vary. But, for some reason the files were named with a slighter fatter hyphen: – I didn't write the code, so I'm not really sure how there ended up to be two random fat hyphen's where all the others are normal, but at least it's working. This is entirely a user thing, I don't think TestComplete affected this at all.

    However, the second type of error that I described in the above post is still popping up error messages whenever I open the project. (If I didn't make that clear, the project will still open with the projects still there.. the only problem is the error message which gets annoying seeing as there's 5 of them every time I open the entire project.)

  • Hi Michael,

    Could you please pack the problematic project and send us the archive so we can look into the problem? Please submit the request with the file using the Contact Support form.