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5 months ago

Problem using TestExecute in dynamic CI pipeline runner using id-based authentication

Hello. We only have smartbear ids, and no access keys. The CI process spawns new test vms, installs our product, and installs TestExecute with the -SLM flag. If I install and log into TestComplete on one of these dynamically created vms I can use testexecute to run our tests. However, I'm having a really hard time getting those tests to run with just TestExecute on the dynamically created runner vms from our Jenkins Controller. I have TestComplete installed and logged in on the Jenkins controller, but neither the TestComplete Support plugin nor a batch script running TestExecute works without installing TestComplete on the ci runner. 

I've tried SessionCreator, but again it needs TestComplete installed and logged-in on for a specific user on the remote runner for that to work.

How are you supposed to use TestExecute on dynamic runners with id-based authentication without installing TestComplete on the runners as well?


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    Hi. Thanks for the response. Well, I'm not testing a UI so we're good there.

    Unfortunately logging into an RDP session is not an automated process. This is for unattended, automated testing in a CI pipeline with a dynamically created VM. The VM is created, had TestExecute installed with the -SLM flag, is supposed to run tests, and ultimately will be destroyed after those tests complete.