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8 years ago

Prevent checking of Mobile License

Hi everybody,


is it possible to prevent TC-12 to check during start-up sequence for a mobile testing license?

We´ve only licenses of type desk and web.


Furthermore the verification of such a license ( mobile testing license ) interrupts sometimes activ running test cases which disturbs a successfull test run.







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    On the installations of TestComplete/TestExecute, go to your list of extensions (in TestComplete, it's File | Install Extensions) and uncheck the box next to "Mobile".

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    Please navigate to File | Install Extensions... and disable the Mobile module. After that, TestComplete will not check a licence for this module. I hope this helps. 

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      Hi Yuri,


      thanks for your support!

      During the installation of TC-12 this feature, or asking of this feature ( mobile testing ) has been disabled.


      Corresponding screenshot attached


      It looks like that a verification of this feature is provoked in irregular intervals...


      The behavior can be observed on several installations of TC-12