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2 years ago

Picture object does not contain any image

I am having an issue verifying a screenshot where I keep getting the test failing and and exception being thrown saying the picture object does not contain any image and I can't work out why. The screenshot checkpoint I am verifying is a button that changes how it looks when you hover over it with the mouse.


In the keyword test I have used the onscreen action hover mouse to hover over the button and you can see the button change (Have also used OCR action with hover to see if that made any difference). I have then added a region checkpoint with a screenshot of the new look of the button but every time it errors even though I can see on screen that the button has changed how it's displayed.


Does anyone have an idea of why I may keep getting this issue?

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      Here's the button to begin with and the button when hovering over it. When I run the steps for the screenshot checkpoint I get the following error

      When checking the picture that testcomplete takes when there is an error it shows that the state of the button has changed as you can see below but yet I still get this error.

      In the regions store I have the following screenshot saved for it to look for on screen so no idea why it gives me the error