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14 years ago

PDF file comparison checkpoint


I am using the test complete 8.10 version. I used the files.check operation to compare two files.

The details link in the logs displays no visible difference in the files but still it shows an error in log that files are different. Remarks say like this:

" Bur41 item

  The files "Bur41" and "C:\Bur41.pdf" are not equal. 0 bytes are different.

  Allowed difference: 1168850302 bytes.

 Adjust checkpoint parameters to make the next comparison successful."

I used this in the code:  Files.Bur41.Check("C:\\Bur41.pdf") .also when I click on the link "Adjust checkpoint parameters " from remarks ,it says there is 1% difference in the files,then why the details page does not show any difference in the files.



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  • Hi Sumedha,

    We have reproduced this behavior. We are investigating it and will let you know as soon as we have results.

    Meanwhile, as an alternative, you can use WinMerge to list the differences between two compared files. WinMerge can be downloaded here .

    To enable using WinMerge as a diff utility in TestComplete, you need to follow the steps below:

    1. Select Tools | Options... from the main menu.

    2. Select Engines | Stores from the tree displayed on the left side of the resulting Options dialog.

    3. Check the Active option and specify the path to the WinMergeU executable file in the 'Diff name:' field of the 'Files diff utility' section.

    For more information, see the Stores Options Dialog help topic.

    You can use the xdocdiff plug-in for WinMerge that lets you compare PDF files. This plug-in can be downloaded here .
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    Thanks Alex .I will use Winmerge in the meantime.