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12 months ago


Hello, I have a problem that when I run my scripts and each script has a different save path, I set it with: sCurFold = "C:\myproject.........
Of course I change the appropriate path for sCurFold in each script.
After that I use: aqFileSystem.SetCurrentFolder(sCurFold).
Now the following problem is that the script which is executed first specifies the path and my other scripts don't change it then, but all scripts are independent of each other.
Can someone help me with this?

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    You set sCurFold = "C:\myproject..."; you change the path of sCurFold in each script; then you use aqFileSystem.SetCurrentFolder(sCurFold). You then say that "my other scripts don't change it"!?


    I don't quite understand what the issue is, as what you have explained is confusing?