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12 years ago

Passing values to LabVIEW controls


We are working on TestComplete and LabVIEW to test our embeded product,
here TC script is written to access object data from application X and then pass
values to LabVIEW controls. I was trying to use Object spy -->Drag option in
TestComplete to access LabVIEW control to display data read from
application X but only could able to access outer menu in LabVIEW window
(i mean maximize, minimize and close) and its not able access LabVIEW controls or

Below code example when i access control in comunicator application using Object Spy -->Drag option in TC.

Sys.Process("communicator").Window("#32770", "Test Inputs", 1).Window("Static", "", 1)

Below code example when i access control in LabVIEW application using Object spy -->Drag
option in TC (its not able to access controls or indicators in LabVIEW window)

Sys.Process("LabVIEW").Window("LVDChild", "TEST", 3)

Appreciate your help to resolve this problem.


Venkateswaran K

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    Hi Venkateswaran,

    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    TestComplete currently doesn't support LabVIEW-based applications. We have an existing feature request for LabVIEW support, and I've increased its rating based on your post.

    At the moment, you might be able to get a more detailed object hierarchy using supplementary object identification techniques such as MSAA, UI Automation, Text Recognition or OCR. You can also try other automation techniques described in the following article:

    Ways to Interact With Application Objects