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8 years ago

Passing a test with certain failures

We have some warnings that arise when running a test however this always fails the test even though it completes. I know this isn't ideal but would it be possible to pass a test with these certain fai...
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    8 years ago

    NisHera wrote:

    logging a warning or error would create an event in TC.

    so with event handles you may switch off selected error message.

    for more you can refer to this


    Some time TC could be faster than manual operation. I have seen some time TC behave differently than same manual operation. But to comment on that need to know what exactly your problem.


    As far as I know there in no easy way to export TC logs to excel 

    Check this

    While not an easy way to export to excel, what you could do is use those same event handlers that, when the warnings come up, write the output to a CSV file (aqFile.OpenTextFile and aqFile.WriteTextFile and even the aqTextFile object... documentation all availble in the help).  If you can write out each line as comma delimited values, this should open up natively in excel.